2016 Game Collecting Goals


RIP 2015. You were only around for a little while and now you’re dead. And we’re going to bury you and move on to a much younger year full of potential and possibly lots of butt-touching.

Last year was my first “full time” year collecting vidjas. And it was a much more fruitful year than I had anticipated. I had made a goals list, but by about June I had blown past most of my goals (for instance, I wanted to hit 400 games. I’m currently halfway past 800…). This year I don’t intend on being AS ambitious, as I have other things I need to focus on around it. But I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start up a new 2016 goals list for game collecting.

Console Collecting

As of the start of the year, I own 15 different consoles and 8 different handhelds. My intention is to add at least 3 more consoles and 2 more handhelds. While there are still plenty of them to choose from (some obscure, some obvious ones I have yet to get), here is a list of some of the most-likely (seeing as I actually own games for some of these consoles) and most-wanted that I still have yet to add.


  • NES 
  • Turbografx-16
  • Sega Master System
  • Xbox 360 
  • Colecovision
  • Atari 7800
  • Atari Jaguar
  • 3D0
  • PS4


  • PSP
  • PS Vita
  • New Nintendo 3DS
  • Atari Lynx
  • Sega Nomad
  • Wonderswan Crystal (Technically, my color plays all the same games, just want to upgrade)
  • Game.com (Not kidding… it’s a piece of crap, but I want one again…)


Sadly, two of my consoles are not in 100% working order and I would like to fix both of them or replace them this year. My Odyssey 2 was broken during an attempt to mod it (oops) and my Intellivision seems to have a controller that doesn’t quite work. This may require replacing both of them, but I’m hoping to look into saving them.

I also need to add a new save battery to my Saturn since I found out it can’t internally save anymore. And I really want to play more of Shining Wisdom since it cost me like 90 bucks…

Build The “Okami Shrine”

I finally threw down the price for the Okami snowglobe that came with the retail HD version in Japan. It cost me a pretty penny, but for my favorite game why wouldn’t I? That said, I want to start collecting Okami stuff and build an entire shelf dedicated to my favorite game.

Seems like every time I check on Ebay, there is new Okami stuff I’ve never seen before. A lot of it comes with a high price tag, so it’ll be a slow process, but I’d like to add several new things to the shelf and find a place for it. I’m looking to own physical copies of the game on every console, including all the Japanese releases (I have a Japanese copy of the original on PS2).

Game Room Updates

The amount of space I have left for games equals… well, zero. I have had to shove stuff in weird places to get by and build shelves out of boxes. So, basically, I need to revamp the room aspect of the game room. I need shelving, as well as a better tv stand and storage for consoles.

I’d also like to add some kind of upscaling device for my older consoles so I can play Genesis games in glorious upscaled mastery.

Build Individual Libraries

While my PS2 library is easily my biggest (with PS1 and Xbox creeping up on it pretty quickly), I’d like to work on building up some of my smaller libraries, as well as expand some of my decent ones with games I really want for them.

I’ve been focusing a lot on boxed N64 stuff lately, and would like to add plenty more to that. I’d also like to finally start building up a better handheld library, since my handheld game collection is relatively small. Dreamcast and Gamecube are also ones that, while expensive, I want to work on building up.

I’ll set some preliminary goals for where I’d like to be at the end of the year for each console. This won’t include EVERYTHING I have, just ones I’d like to focus the most on. My goals will be in blue and my current count will be in red.

  • Dreamcast: 40 (26)
  • Game Boy/Color: 50 (23)
  • Game Boy Advance: 50 (46)
  • Game Cube: 30 (27)
  • Genesis: 50 (39)
  • 3DS: 20 (15)
  • DS: 25 (23)
  • Neo Geo Pocket: 15 (5)
  • PS1: 200 (164)
  • PS2: 250 (245)
  • PS3: 75 (92)
  • NES: 50 (67)
  • SNES: 30 (18)
  • Saturn: 15 (3)
  • Wii: 75 (77)
  • Wii U: 15 (10)
  • Wonderswan/Color: 10 (2)
  • Xbox: 125 (96)
  • Xbox 360: 75 (65)

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