The First Two Dungeons



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Dungeon 1: Ghath Mines

Point Of Interest: Upon walking into Ghath Mines, you will see a miner lying asleep on the ground at the entrance. This is Ityer, he will mumble something in his sleep about his brother and how he misses him…

New Tool: Rock Blaster – A steam-powered jackhammer-type device which pushes a metal plate forward with great force to smash up rocks in the mine. (Joking Note: This thing is huge. It’s to keep with the silly “How the crap does Link carry a huge thing like” trend from past Zelda games. Also: I see the penis joke in that last sentence. I lol’d too.)

About The Rock Blaster

  • Used to break weak walls/rocks
  • Can damage/push back/stun enemies
  • Can push objects such as swinging platforms or weak pillars
  • Can break down old wooden doors

The dungeon is fairly simple, using the Rock Blaster to break rocks, move rusty mine carts to use as platforms, or break through weak walls. One puzzle I had in mind is coming across a giant boulder that even the Rock Blaster can’t break, but seeing TNT near it. In order to light the TNT, you must use the Rock Blaster on a wall that has a loose lantern on it, causing the lantern to fall and break, which lights the fuse to the TNT that was lying nearby. The explosion blasts the boulder, clearing your way. 

Boss: Bezalel, The Cursed Golem – The first part starts with Bezalel covered in rusted armor, preventing damage. You have to use the Rock Blaster to break off the armor and reveal it’s weak points for sword attacks. With each attack, you break a part of Bezalel, hacking him to pieces slowly. This will also mean his attacks will change a bit.

After the boss fight, Link discovers an uncovered room that doesn’t look like it was part of the mines. In it, he finds an ancient stone mural that Yorak is able to read. The mural tells the story of the Chaos Realm and the Light Realm, and an item known as the Scales of Duality which is meant to maintain the balance between the two Realms.

Yorak believes that the mysterious aura in Ghath Village may somehow be related to the Chaos Realm, and that they should seek out information on the Scales of Duality.  Upon exiting the room with the mural, the Mine begins to shake. Yorak believes the mine is in danger of collapsing, and tells Link they must hurry to exit. They head towards a nearby emergency mine cart exit.

However, right as they’re about to exit, the head of Bezalel comes to life and starts rolling after them, initiating the second part of the fight. The second part of the fight takes place as you race through the crumbling cave on the mine cart with the head rolling after you. You have to use the Rock Blaster on the walls in order to cause stalactites to fall from the ceiling and crush the head.

Once it is defeated, you arrive at the entrance of the Mine, and Bezalel’s head gets stuck in the mine cart passge, with a Heart Container falling out of his mouth. 

Upon exiting the Mine and returning to Ghath Village, Link is surprised to find Zelda in the center of town. Zelda informs Link that she wasn’t kidnapped, but had left on her own to help the King of Darelm, King Tallis. She says that King Tallis believes the Kingdom of Rilar to the North has put this mysterious curse on the land and is preparing to invade. Zelda and Tallis both believed that the King of Hyrule would try diplomacy, as is his nature, but it would fail and Rilar would take over Darelm. Zelda knew her father would not approve of King Tallis’ belief that investigating the curse is the only way to stop Rilar, so she went on to help before it was too late. She pleads with Link to assist her in finding a solution to the curse, and Link reluctantly agrees. 

King TallisLeader of the Kingdom of Darelm. In an act of desperation, he reaches out to Princess Zelda to help him save his people by any means necessary. He isn’t the greatest leader, but his love for his people is unmatched, to the point he is willing to lay down his own life if it has even the slightest chance of saving the Kingdom he built. He believes in giving power to the people, and letting advancements in technology help the people live. He hates war. 

The exit to the Forest of Caturo is now open, and the two venture out in order to meet with King Tallis.

Forest Of Caturo

My map got a bit crushed, click on it for a better look at it.

Zelda will ask to rest for a minute at the Fairy Spring, where Link will tell her about the Scales of Duality. Zelda will mention that she’d heard from King Tallis about a powerful tool in the Forest of Caturo that may help fight off the evil curse. Yorak believes that could be the very Scales of Duality they are talking about. Zelda tells Link that her research so far had brought up something about the Batun Ruins, and that they should stop by there before heading to the King. 

Link reluctantly agrees. You have to follow Zelda North towards the ruins. However, they find that the gate is locked and impossible to get past. So, they decide to explore the forest for some other way in. As you travel, you’ll notice the exit to Darelm Valley is blocked by the same dark aura that first prevented you from leaving Ghath Village. Eventually, you’ll come across a peaceful clearing with a hut and the entrance to a cave. The hut is locked for now, but upon venturing into the small cave and solving one or two simple puzzles, Link uncovers a new Tool.

New Tool: Dart Tube – A small, air-powered tube that fires darts. (I wanted to replace the Bow and Arrow with something different. It’s not my favorite tool, but it feels a bit more fitting for the new style.)

About The Dart Tube

  • Can be equipped with only normal darts, at first. But eventually you can unlock the upgrade that allows you to use various special darts.
  • Can be used to hit switches, harm enemies, and achieve various other things due to the other darts available later.

Note: I will mention more about the special darts and other uses later, once we unlock that upgrade to this tool.

Upon getting the Dart Tube, Zelda notes that this may help them get into the Batun Ruins. Link sarcastically remarks that it’s a Dart Tube and not a cannon. Zelda rolls her eyes and tells him to just trust her. Once back at the locked gate, Zelda points to two buttons that appear to look like targets. By entering first-person mode and then pressing the Tool, Link can aim the darts to hit the targets. Doing so causes the gate to open, granting access to the second dungeon of the game. 

Dungeon 2: Batun Ruins

At the beginning of this dungeon, Link will read a sign that will talk about “Balance” and a Light and a Chaos path. Zelda will notice two separate paths, and Yorak believes someone will have to travel down both at the same time as sort of a “Test”. Zelda informs Link she’ll take the “Light” path, and he should take the “Chaos” path. Link isn’t thrilled about sending Zelda into danger on her own, but before he can stop her, she has already started off down the path. 

This dungeon acts different than other dungeons, because one of your Tool slots is replaced with a “Switch Character” button. This allows you to immediately switch between playing as Link and Zelda. In order to get through the dungeon, you have to hop back and forth between the characters in order to solve puzzles and remove obstacles blocking the other’s path. If you reach a dead end, switch to the other player and see if there is some way to help out. 

Zelda handles differently than Link. She’s not as hard-nosed of a fighter, so she can’t fight enemies as easily. She uses a staff as a weapon, and it does far less damage. However, Zelda uses special magical “Glyphs” instead of tools, which act as spells to help her in combat and solving puzzles. Instead of a stamina gauge, Zelda has a magic gauge. Using Glyphs uses up magic, so use it wisely! She already has one Glyph at the start:

New Glyph: Shield Glyph – The shield Glyph is exactly what it sounds like. It puts up a protective barrier around Zelda, blocking damage. Holding up the shield drains her magic gauge, and heavy amounts of damage will cause big chunks of the gauge to be used up.

Quickly upon entering her side of things, she’ll receive another new Glyph.

New Glyph: Elemental Glyph – The Elemental Glyph can be used on certain things such as water or fire to “Manipulate” them to Zelda’s advantage. She can blast enemies with fire from nearby torches, or move water from one spot to the other.

The Elemental Glyph is not only used to help Zelda defend herself, but also used to solve the puzzles on her end of things. The dungeon is specifically built for this Glyph. It’s a ruins that has been over-run by the jungle, and has a lot of water-based tests. On Link’s side of things, he will soon uncover his new Tool for the dungeon as well:

New Tool: Alchemy Gloves – A pair of gloves left behind by the Batunian people that allows Link to perform alchemy on objects that have the Mark of the Batun on it, changing the material they’re made out of. It can also be used on other, surprise things. Experimentation is promoted!

About The Alchemy Gloves

  • Can change objects into the following materials: Stone, Metal, Wood.
  • Can be used to make objects lighter or heavier. Wood is lighter than Metal, for instance. Link can lift stone but not metal.
  • Can be used on some things such as an enemies Metal armor, turning it into Wood to make it weak to attack.

(The Alchemy Gloves are gameguy523’s favorite piece of this game so far! I have a LOT of interesting ideas planned for them!)

The Alchemy Gloves and the Elemental Glyph were left behind specifically for puzzles in this dungeon. For instance, one puzzle involves a giant scale-like platform to get higher in the dungeon. First, Zelda must use the Elemental Glyph to move water into a giant pot hanging off Link’s side of the scale, this will cause it to lower, letting him get on. She then moves the water off, and the scale levels out, bringing Link up to the higher area. Link then must use the gloves to turn a stone boulder on his platform into wood and, using the Rock Blaster, roll it over to her side of the scales where a basket awaits. This will lower the scale down to her side, where she can then use the Elemental Glyph to use a torch nearby on the wooden boulder, burning it away to ashes, allowing the scale to level out with her on it, giving her access to the higher area as well. This is just one idea, not sure if it’d work well or not, but you get the general idea. 

Boss: Gerridae, The Water Strider Guardian – (Note: You’re only Link during this fight) The battle takes place on a large, circular platform floating high above a massive pool of water where the boss skims across the water, shooting water and other hazards up at Link. In order to get down to it, Link must use the Alchemy gloves to turn wooden blocks nearby into stone. He can then pick up the stone blocks and throw them down at the boss. Each time the boss gets hit, it’ll shoot a large blast of water that will knock off chunks of the platform, making it harder to run around.

Eventually, the boss breaks the platform, causing chunks of it to fall and land in the pool. Link must jump from one part of the broken platform to the others to avoid the boss, and use the Dart Gun on the glowing balls on the bosses legs, causing the towering bug to fall forward and make it easier to stab in in the head. (Note: If you’re in the water, it makes it easy for the boss to charge into you and do great damage, so it’s key to stay on the rocks as much as possible to avoid unnecessary damage.)

Finally, after defeating the boss and getting your new Heart Container, the water drains from the pool and Zelda is allowed access as well. The two walk into a newly uncovered room to find the Scales of Duality!

New Item – Scales Of Duality – Using the Scales on certain Marks of Batun, Link can push back the “Chaos” that is leaking over certain areas.

After being brought back to the start of the dungeon, you can now head to the clearing and use the Scales on one of the Marks of Batun to push back the Chaos in the Forest of Caturo. This allows access to the SW part of Darelm Valley and the next part of the journey.

It also allows you to get into Spatilda the Witches hut. She will thank you by giving you the Alchemy Case (and the first Empty Bottle), which allows another new feature for your Alchemy Gloves.In the inventory screen, selecting the Alchemy Case will show a bunch of ingredients you will collect throughout the game. You can “mix” these into potions and other things. You can also combine your Darts with the Ingredients to make special kinds of Darts. (Note: Not all of these are very easy to make, or can be made right away due to lack of the right stuff to mix with)

List of Darts 

  • Fire Darts (Can set some enemies on fire. Burn some grass/plants/wood. Can be used to light torches)
  • Ice Darts (Can freeze some enemies. Can also freeze water.)
  • Poison Darts (Poison an enemy, causing them to move slower and take minor damage)
  • Berserk Darts (Cause enemies to temporarily go crazy and attack each other)
  • Sleep Darts (Temporarily puts an enemy to sleep. Doesn’t work on all. They wake up when hit.)
  • Remote Controlled Darts (Switches to First Person and allows you to steer the dart)

However, before heading into the Valley, Zelda says they should also head back to Ghath Village first and use the Scales there. Doing so using the Scales on a Mark of Batun at the center of town, causes the villagers to wake up and Ghath Village to become active. You can start some side quests at this time.


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