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Now that we’ve got the Scales of Duality, it’s time to head back to Ghath Village to see if we can do something about the curse that has all the villagers in a consistent slumber. Zelda will leave your company and explore the village, Link and Yorak will head towards the fountain in the center of town. They’ll notice that in front of the fountain lies a mysterious symbol. Yorak will remember that it is similar to ones seen in the ruins: The Mark of Batun. When Link examines the Mark, the Scales of Duality begin to glow. In an instant, a blinding white light spreads out from the Mark, covering the whole town. Once Link blinks off the flash, he’s able to see that the village has returned to normal. A beautiful little village in the middle of a lush, green forest. The townsfolk begin coming out of their houses one by one, and Ghath Village is restored!

(Once again, click on the map to enlarge)

An elderly man named Mayor Tinc comes up to Link and thanks him for saving the village. He begins to tell Link about the strange curse that started to spread among the villagers, but before he can get started, Link says: Spare me the details, I’m not interested in the past.

You are now free to travel around Ghath Village and initiate a number of side quests and talk to the townsfolk. Here is a summary of the townsfolk that occupy Ghath Village.

Ityer – The owner of the Ghath Mines. He’s a hard-nosed man who doesn’t like laziness. He is known for being tough on his employees and working them to the bone, but deep down, he cares about them very much. Deep down, he harvests guilt for the mine collapse three years ago, and he has terrible nightmares about it every night.

Mayor TincA sad, but kind old man who lost his son in the Ghath Mine collapse, and has vowed to make the town and the mine safer for everyone.

Mrs. Tinc Mayor Tinc’s wife has lost her voice after her son’s tragic death. She’s still kind and welcoming to visitors, and also acts as a motherly figure to all the townsfolk. She makes a mean Deku Nut Pie. She also runs the Golden Cucco Inn.

NiesThe sickly owner of the Happy Mask General Store. Unfortunately, the store was badly damaged during the mine collapse three years ago, and Nies has never had the strength or the funds to rebuild it. The townsfolk have been too busy to help him, so he is always seeking help or funding to rebuild the store.

RynvorA crude, loud-mouth miner who believes that muscles are the only way to show true strenght. He spends all the time when he’s not working, lifting weights. Refers to Link as “Twig Boy”.

LorendeA lazy miner who is often caught taking naps deep within the mines. He sleep walks at night and reveals secrets about all the townsfolk. Some say he’s possesed by an evil “Gossip Spirit”…

BalranA woodcutter who is obsessed with cheesy jokes, which is quite annoying to everyone around him. He’s a good natured, hard working man who loves to drink.

Ydena Balran’s stern wife. She’s always yelling at Balran to be more responsible.

DaryzBalran’s assistant and woodcutter apprentice. He’s also a skilled craftsman and is may be willing to help Nies rebuild the Happy Mask General Store… for the right price!

DenineA mysterious old woman who lives alone and rarely leaves her house. She doesn’t say much and keeps to her self. No one really knows much about her, but everyone leaves her alone to tend her garden in peace.

And now, a short point-by-point summary of how I picture the Ghath Village side quests, and their prizes. Most of these can be done now, but some will happen later on in the game. 

-The Mole’s Quiz Game Quest-

1) First, you must use the Rock Blaster on the weak wooden door of the Vacant House. Once inside, a strange voice will tell Link he has to find the password. In order to do this, push the book case in the direction of the strange skid marks on the ground, this will reveal the code written on the wall.

2) Once you get the Dart Gun, use it on the strange button on the top of the Old Shack. Inside the Shack, you can find another password written on the floor if you look down using First Person mode. (There is an arrow on the wall pointing down)

3) If you talk to Mayor Tinc, he will tell you about “Strange Noises” in the Dried-Up Well. Investigating the well will confirm the weird noises, but you can’t get down there without a rope. Rynvor will give you a rope, but you have to beat him in a weight-lifting minigame. It requires you to keep tapping the action button to hold the weight up until Rynvor drops his. However, this will drain stamina unless you tap another button to restore stamina. You have to balance restoring your stamina and holding up the weight. Once you beat him, he will give you the Key Item: Old Rope. Examine the well again to use the rope and climb down it.

4) At the bottom of the well is a door. A strange voice will stop you from entering and demand you tell him the passcodes. Use the two codes you recieved earlier and The Mole will open the door to his home.

5) Talking to The Mole will lead to his Quiz Game, where he’ll ask you ten strange questions about the townsfolk’s personal lives. Some answers you will get just by talking to the townsfolk and getting to know them, others you must get at night by listening to Lorende’s mumblings when he’s sleep walking around the center of town. To make it night, you must sleep at the inn for 100 ruppees. Lorende tells you three facts every night.

6) If you answer all ten questions right, The Mole will give you a Heart Piece!

-Rock Blaster Master-

1) Later in the game, Ityer will finally restore the Mines to working order. You can talk to him to start this challenge. You have a limited amount of time to use the Rock Blaster on various rocks to earn different gems. Each gem is worth a set number of points, and you have to collect a certain number of points to win. You may also find ruppees and stun gas underneath the rocks. Stun gas stuns you for 10 seconds. If you find the Sacred Mineral, Ityer will reward you with the special Blast-Off Jump upgrade for your Rock Blaster. Also: You may find Emet’s Note in one of the rocks, this is part of a seperate story.

-The Happy Mask General Store Restoration-

1) Link must gather different materials so the shopkeep can rebuild his destroyed store. These include various things.

2) Afterwards, Link can “Purchase” the store for a large sum of Ruppees.

3) Link can return to the store and talk to Nies to recieve some profits from the store.

4) Some townsfolk may mention certain items they’d like sold in their store. Link can bring a certain number of those to Nies to stock them in the store. This will increase the chances of a higher pay-off.

5) Depending on how many townsfolk become pleased with your store, you get a higher “Satisfaction” rating. When it reaches 10 (10 Townsfolk are pleased), you recieve a heart piece.

-Emet’s Note-

1) You have a chance of finding this key item in one of the rocks during the Rock Blaster Master mini-game.

2) If you talk to Mayor Tinc when you have this note, he was tell you that Emet was his son who died in the mine collapse. He will read the letter, which is a letter telling his parents he loves them, and will rush off to the Golden Cucco to tell his wife. Head over to the Golden Cucco to see a touching scene with the two, where Mrs. Tinc finally speaks again, relieved to be at peace with her son’s death. The couple will reward you with the Golden Cucco statue for your collection.

-Lorende And The Gossip Spirit-

1) Many townsfolk are blaming Lorende’s strange sleep walking and mumbling secrets on a mysterious “Gossip Spirit” from legend.

2) After completing The Mole Quiz Game sidequest, a new book will show up in the Darelm City Library titled “Gossip Spirit”. Reading it will tell you about how the Gossip Spirit lives in peace with her garden. This sounds an awful lot like Denine.

3) Talk to Denine, and she’ll tell you that Lorende must have eaten one of her Blabbermouth Turnips out of her garden. She’s give you the Silence Mushroom and tell you to take it to The Witch.

4) Take the Silence Mushroom to the Witch and she’ll give you the Silence Potion. Give it to Lorende during the day. Visit Lorende at his house and night, and he will thank you by giving you his Medium Wallet.

At this point, it’s time to head out to SW Darelm Valley. The Valley acts as the Hyrule Field of the game. You’ll notice at this point that most of the Valley is covered in a sludge that is poisonous and makes it impossible to go in most directions. Following the path you can take, leads to Darelm City, the capitol of the Kingdom. This is where we’ll pick up with the story next time. 

However, I want to touch on one more feature: Hylian War! Don’t worry, it’s not a real war. It’s a collectible card game! Similar in style to Tetra Master or Triple Triad from the Final Fantasy games, you’ll collect hundreds of cards based on various Legend of Zelda characters, items, and events from throughout the series’ history. You can battle most people you meet and even enter tournaments to earn great prizes. It’ll take up a lot of time in the game, and give you even more to do!

The game is fairly simple, there are Hero cards which act as your fighters, and Tool cards with various effects. You take turns laying down one Hero card, and battling your opponents. Each person has a Castle that has to be attacked. If your opponent has no Heroes on their field, you can attack their Castle directly once with each Hero you have. Three hits on the Castle, and it’s game over. Each card has an attack, a defense, and a summon cost.


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