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-The game is made with the Wii U Pro Controller in mind. I will NOT be utilizing the Wii U Pad because I feel it would hinder the more advanced game play I have planned. I may change my mind and find some way to utilize it in the future, but as of right now there is no intention to include any touch-screen concepts into game. Perhaps if it’s a real game, it could come with a Gold Pro Controller?

Here is the basic control scheme so far. (I wasn’t sure of the exact names for each button on the controller, but you get the idea).

  • B Button – Attack
  • Y Button – Jump
  • X Button – Tool 1
  • A Button – Tool 2
  • D-Pad – Select Quick Choice Tools
  • Left Analog Stick – Move
  • Right Analog Stick – Control Camera
  • Select – Open Inventory Menu
  • Start – Open Map
  • L1 – Hold Down and press Y to Roll/B to release charged weapon attack, X/A to use alternate tool ability (if there is one)
  • L2 – Enter “First Person” Mode, Use Right Analog to look around
  • R1 – Shield
  • R2 – Run

First thing you’ll notice that’s new: Jump button! Yes, Link has the ability to jump now, just like a normal human being does.

-Let’s get the stuff Zelda fans won’t be thrilled about out of the way right off the bat. The game does NOT take place in Hyrule. It takes place primarily in the neighboring Kingdom of Darelm. The game features mostly new characters, with only a select few nods to the original in the core game.

-I am focusing way more on story in this game. The dungeons are mostly story-related and there isn’t much of the “Go here and collect the # of whatever” gameplay. The story is a bit darker and more serious in tone, but still leaves a lot of room for charming and funny moments/characters. I really wanted to stress the importance of story and character development in this one, so the characters are far more fleshed out and different than most Zelda characters have been.

-The world is also a bit different than the average Zelda game, I’m crafting it into a semi-Steampunk inspired world that blends fantasy with a more industrial feel. It’ll still have Castles, but the world around you will be shaped by the development and advancement of the people. Darelm is a progressive nation as far as science and technology is concerned. This will leak into a lot of aspects of game play, and I feel it would give the series a fresh, new feel.

-Link talks. I include this because his character is radically different than the traditional Link, and because I’m so focused on story in this game, I wanted Link to be fully fleshed out. Ideally, this would include voice acting.

-There are very few returning concepts. I’ve gone so far as to replace the Bow, Bombs, and Clawshot as tools with very different and unique tools that still do similar things while expanding. Tools are a major part of my game (as of right now, there are 16!) and are used in a more wide range of ways. This includes using Tools together to achieve many different results.

-I have a bit of emphasis on combat, having Tools and tactics play a much greater role. The way you fight most enemies will be varied, allowing you room to adapt your own style of fighting. There are a few things in the game I’ve included that will help aid in allowing you freedom in how you play and how you fight enemies.

-There is a Stamina gauge for running like in Skyward Sword, however you will have the ability to find upgrades that give you more Stamina at certain points in the game. Also, the gauge goes down slower, but also takes a bit longer to refill. This adds a level of tact to how you run and when you use it.

-This will probably end up being one of the longest, if not the longest, Zelda game made with more stuff to do than ever before. There are a lot of side quests, optional dungeons, collectibles, and mini-games to keep you busy when you’re not going through the main storyline. The world is fairly open once you get into it, and you’ll be allowed to play at your own pace while exploring a unique, new world.

Now, I want to start off by introducing you to some characters you’ll meet early on, along with a bare-bones outline of their personality:

Link – Link is an offputish loner. Sarcastic and aloof, he sometimes seems a bit rude. But he’s actually oddly gentle and kind towards animals and small children. A seasoned adventurer, he’s spent his formative years taken odd jobs as a jack of all trades, including treasure hunting and other not-so-favorable activities. He is an orphen, for reasons that will be revealed, and spent most of his life on the streets to survive. His shut-off demeanor points to some tragic events in his past. These will be revealed, and play an important part in his development as a hero, and even in the storyline itself!

Your companion for this game:

Yorak – A baby, pure-white Keaton (three-tailed fox from OoT/MM) who can talk. He’s always by Link’s side, and seems immune to his sarcastic remarks. Yorak is wise beyond what he should be for his years, and is very calm and calculating. He seems to only like Link (and eventually, Zelda), treating everyone else with disregard. 

Lashy – A friend of Link’s from his days on the streets. He’s a bumbling idiot and not very good at much of anything, but he’s incredibly friendly and loyal to Link. He views Link as an older brother, much to Link’s annoyance. He longs to be a hero too, and wants nothing more than to aid Link in his adventure. While he doesn’t play a huge part in the story. Lashy will play a role as a supporting character and will more than likely have his own sidequest dedicated to him. 

Princess Zelda – The only daughter of the King and Queen of Hyrule, Zelda is more than ready to take the throne when it is her time. A strong-willed, intelligent Princess who is loved by her people for her incredibly generous, selfless nature and adventurous spirit. She is fascinated with new technology and is always seeking information. She’ll fearless and unafraid to get her hands dirty, stemming from her years of sneaking out of the castle and exploring Hyrule as a child. She’s not the most physically strong fighter, but her intelect and resourcefulness more than make up for it. 

Note: Zelda WILL BE PLAYABLE and will have her own style of gameplay and her own dungeons!

And now, I shall walk you through the introduction of the game, leading up to the first dungeon.

The game opens with a camera panning through a peaceful forest, finally coming to a clearing where a waterful feeds a beautiful spring. Sitting on a rock under that waterfall sits an elderly man with a blue tint to his skin meditating with his eyes closed. As the camera zooms in on the man, his eyes open gently and he says: The balance is lost.

We are then taken to Hyrule Castle, where the King of Hyrule stands at the foot of a large table which has various Lords and leaders seated around it. There are two chairs that are noticeably empty. He begins speaking about his fears that the current era of peace may be on it’s way out, and that there are increasing fears of a war being initiated by the Kingdom of Rilar to the North. He begins saying he has no knowledge of why Rilar is showing aggression now, but before he can finish one of his guards runs in and says that Princess Zelda and the King of Darelm are currently missing, last seen together in the front hall.

The King sends all his guards to immediately search the castle. As they run around searching the castle and the grounds, we cut to a carriage being led by horses quickly across Hyrule field into the distance. The camera pans inside to see a King and Princess Zelda sitting in the carriage.

The next scene takes place in a ruins within the Sacred Forest where Link and Yorak are fighting off some Keese. After slaying the bats, Link puts his sword back in it’s hilt and Yorak climbs up onto his shoulder, where he feeds him a berry and they walk out into the sunlight. Link’s friend Lashy appears to be waiting for Link outside the ruins, and he runs up to Link, telling him about how the entire Kingdom is in an uproar. Link laughs it off as none of his business, until Lashy tells him that it’s because the Kingdom of Darelm has kidnapped Princess Zelda. Link becomes angry and vows to set off to save her.

We get our first taste of gameplay as Link has to leave the Sacred Forest. This acts as a short tutorial section where you have to do simple actions to get used to the various controls such as jumping up to a ledge or cutting down a plant to keep going. You’ll also encounter very simple monsters to test your swordplay and shield. Once you reach the edge of the forest, there is one more short scene that shows Link look up into the sky and whisper “I’m coming for you, Zel.”

3 Days Later…

Link arrives in the Kingdom of Darelm, in the border town of Ghath. To Link’s surprise, the village seems to be shrouded in a strange aura. Yorak senses that something is terribly wrong, and urges Link to locate villagers to see what’s going on. However, all the houses seem to be locked. Eventually, you find the door to the local Inn to be open, but the inn keeper and his wife are simply lying on the floor, in a deep slumber. After failed attempts to wake them, Link heads back outside.

Note: If you try to leave town by it’s only exit, you’ll find the exit blocked by a powerful dark-purple force field, preventing you from leaving at this time.

Upon exiting the Inn, Yorak notices a strange purple mist that seems to be leaving a trail off to the distance. Link follows the trail to the mouth of the local mine. Link and Yorak decide, since they can’t go anywhere without finding out what’s causing this strange aura, to venture into the mine to investigate. This is where our first dungeon begins.


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