Healing Potion 2013



855 dollars raised for Direct Relief during the Healing Potion marathon. But that’s not all we’ve gained from this experience. As usually, we scored a bunch of memorable moments, hilarious quotes, and appreciation for new games we’d never played before. And thus, here is a summary blog with a collection of in-jokes from Anthony’s stream compliments of the #HealingPotion hashtag monitoring all the zany antics, some clips of our favorite moments and games from both sides of the marathon, and a general look inside the ever-bending spiral of craziness that is me and Anthony when we stream.

Games Played


  • Bubsy in Claws Encounters Of The Furred Kind (Beaten)
  • Hook (Beaten)
  • Donald Duck no Mahô no Bôshi (Donald Duck in the Magic Cap) (Beaten)
  • Dragon’s Lair (SNES)


  • QuackShot: Starring Donald Duck (Beaten)
  • Ninja Five-O (Beaten – Easy Mode Only)
  • Noobow (Beaten)
  • Sabre Wulf
  • Jumper (Beaten)
  • Tower Of Heaven (Beaten)
  • Banishing Racer
  • Pac-In-Time
  • Escape Goat (Beaten) – Special thanks to Indie Gamer Chick for scoring me this game. Check it out at Magical Time Bean.

Note: Both of us raced in Elmo In Grouchland on the Game Boy Color. You can watch Anthony’s run of it here.  I won the race, despite a terrible run at that stupid minecart level…

So, Bubsy's Face...

So, Bubsy’s Face…

Anthony’s first time playing Bubsy was nothing short of spectacular. As he put it: “It’s Goin’ Bubsy!”. He was stuck on Level 3 for at least an hour, but he finally pulled through and beat this beast. This game started us off, and it was a highlight-fest. One of the craziest, most entertaining beginnings to a stream we’ve ever had. Here are a couple of highlights from this ridiculous game…

Also, this picture happened:


Giranthony – Compliments of Jonah

Other Quotes from Bubsy

  • “We All Hate Ike!”
  • “Go It!” – Bob  completely derping in chat. (Little did I know it’d become my new motivational slogan…)
  • “Fiery Passion And Fiery Crotch!” – Bob, describing Anthony.
  • “It’s like my heart is hard!” – Anthony
  • “My dick fell off…” – Anthony
  • “Anthony went black, but he was able to go back” – Bob, dealing with Anthony’s stream blackout.
  • “The sperm is practically just flowing out” – Anthony
  • “My white snake is streaming” – Anthony, while we listened to Whitesnake

Other Quotes From The Rest Of Anthony’s Stream

  • “Shut. The. Fuck. Up.” – Text from Anthony’s Brother
  • “Anthony puts himself in terrible situations, than Save States…” – Dave
  • “Anthony doesn’t have trouble with chests” – I seriously don’t even remember this one…
  • “It turns out… it was a sled all along!” – Bob
  • “LNG: The American Idol of Porn” – Bob
  • “Anthony, are you having sex with a modem?” – Bob
  • “This looks like a level…” – Bob
  • “The hat’s freakin’ out, man! THE HAT’S FREAKIN’ OUT!!!” – Bob

Other Random Highlights From Anthony’s Half Of The Marathon

So, I ended up IP banned from the chat for 8 hours for a Kreygasm barrage when Anthony played Dreams of A Shore off the Chrono Cross OST, but we found a way around it by having me on a skype call most of the time. Which turned out to be way more entertaining. Oh, but before that happened… I was able to make EVERYONE join me on a Kreygasm barrage.



By the time I started streaming, I’d already been up for almost 24 hours. So I was tired and loopy, but the stream was a blast. I beat a handful of very different games and had a ton of fun. Here are some random highlights from my half of the stream.

This stream was one of the best I’ve ever been a part of. So many amazing moments. Thanks so much to everyone that supported the stream in every way. I hope it was as entertaining for all of you as it was for myself and Anthony. Here’s to more great times in the future!



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