Everything I Want To See At E3



by Bob Reinhard

E3 is right around the corner. And it’s time for me to get my hopes up! Like every year, I’m sure I’m asking for too much but, you know… might as well dream a little!

But what do I personally have to look forward to? What is exciting me about this? Aside from the fact I want to see a handful of surprises, new IPs and stuff that’s beyond prediction, here’s a list of things I’m excited to see that I know will be there, and some things I’d like to see.

1 – Murdered: Soul Suspect 

Now that I’ve seen gameplay and heard details of this game, Airtight Games (makers of Dark Void and Quantum Conundrum), and Square Enix have my attention. The game looks excellent. I’d love to see a more focused gameplay demo, not just gameplay clips. I want to see some of the mechanics in practice more than has been seen in the brief clips. The game has been confirmed for an E3 showing, so I’m excited to see what we find out about it. It’s climbing up my list of games to be excited for.

2 – Beyond Good & Evil 2

They’re Waiting…

For those of you who’ve known me awhile, you know I’m a HUGE Michel Ancel fan. Not just of his games (Rayman!!!), but of him as a developer and a creative mind. He fascinates me, and I love reading interviews with him. That said, I still… haven’t… finished Beyond Good & Evil (I know, I know…), but that doesn’t diminish the excitement I’ve had for BG&E2 for a long while now.

Having read all about Michel Ancel’s plans and what he learned from working with Peter Jackson… BG&E2 has the potential to be one of the first games to really show off what this coming generation is capable of. He’s been working on it in between Rayman games for some time now, and it was meant to be next-gen from the start. The teaser pics we saw years ago look great, and the concept of building something for games that produces graphical capability similar to Jackson’s Weta special effects company is orgasmic to think of.

But we’ve been waiting for BG&E2 news for years now, you say. How do we know it’s not just another vaporware game that’ll fast reach Half Life 3 levels of ghost status? Well…

Ubisoft may have kinda, sorta teased it the other day… they’ve been posting pictures of all their games for E3 this year leading up to the event on their Facebook page. We’ve seen E3 teaser posters with characters from Assassin’s Creed 4, Splinter Cell, Rayman Legends, Watch_Dogs and… WAIT IS THAT PEY’J?!?!!

Yeah… so prepare yourself for Ubisoft’s conference…

3 – PS4 Prices And Details

*crosses fingers*

Pleeeeeease don’t fuck this up Sony. Please?

As it stands, PS4 is easily the most desirable next gen console for me and a lot of gamers. With the Wii U sheepishly ducking into the shadows and not even attempting to break the Nintendo Pattern, and Xbone continuously pissing into the wind with every detail, all eyes are now on Sony’s console details. We’ve more or less confirmed it won’t have online DRM requirements since they’ve said as much at presentations and during interviews with Cerny. But what of used games? How much will it cost? What other potential pitfalls could there be? Sony has remained tight-lipped about these things. That’s either a horrible sign that they’re hiding all their garbage in the closet, or they’re waiting to stab the knife in live at E3 in front of all of gaming journalism.

I’m also hoping they show how the Dual Shock 4 works more. I want to see the swipe pad and the Move integration in action. I’m a bit worried about any time they shove new stuff into controllers, but with subtle use, they could be interesting additions. But I need to see it. I’m tired of speculating on their uses.

Seriously though… please don’t fuck this up… all this talk about being for the gamers and the incredible amount of attention paid to developer courtship is huge. Please keep that momentum going… please? PLEASE?! *bites lip*

4 – Agni’s Philosophy/Final Fantasy XV?

This Picture Is Just… SO Square-esque…

Square came out at the PS4 reveal and um… well… announced an announcement. This is known as “Pulling A Square Enix” at this point. They love them some reveals. Last year at E3, they very quietly showed off the Agni’s Philosophy demo to showcase the new Luminous engine. And then they turned around and said that could potentially be a game, or even the next installment in the Final Fantasy series. I’d rather Agni’s be a new IP than FFXV, but we’ll see what this big announcement is.

Also: um… you guys should probably get FFVersusXIII information out there before the villagers show up at your doors with torches and pitchforks.

5 – Vita Price Drop

The Vita is an absolutely amazing piece of tech. It’s an incredible handheld, it really is. I want one. Badly. But it’s so bloody expensive and inaccessible that it’s flopping around on the deck instead of swimming in a sea of innovation like it should be. Sony needs to drop the price and start working on packages. Now. Or this thing is good as dead. And with the emphasis on crossplay and PS4 connectivity… there is almost no doubt in my mind we’ll see this thing get it’s price drop and marketing boost. I just hope it’s enough.

Speaking of Vita…

6 – Tearaway And More Media Molecule Goodness

CUTE! Also: Did you meet the new Female player character? 😀

I love Media Molecule. They give me warm fuzzy feelings in my heart. LittleBigPlanet is such a wonderful series. But I’m very happy to see them step away from it now to focus on other things. I’ve been in love with Tearaway since Gamescom and I can’t wait to see more of the game in action. I’m sure it’ll be showcased at E3. Not going to lie… I’d kinda like to see a PS4 version announced.

Or perhaps they are working on something ELSE for PS4. We saw that really neat sculpting and sandbox tech demo at the PS4 reveal, and I was one of the few that thought that was a really awesome idea. Media Molecule is all about giving players sandboxes to create in on a level that is almost unrivaled on consoles. Is this going to be integrated into a new PS4 game? Let’s see where they go with this!

7 – Kirby

This Was A Start…

Ok, ok… so I’m planning on selling my 3DS right now and I don’t plan on buying a Wii U anytime soon. But I want to see some love paid to Kirby. Nintendo neglects the Kirby franchise like no other, and it’s sad to see because Kirby is usually one of the most innovative and varied franchises they have. If any game series can help show off what the Wii U could do, it’s Kirby. And with the constant rumor of Pop-Up Pannick on 3ds, it’d be dumb NOT to show SOMETHING Kirby SOMETIME during E3. Dammit Nintendo… COME ON!

8 – Retro’s Next Game

Same as last time. I may not buy it any time soon, but it needs to be announced or I’ll stop really paying any attention to it at all. The smart money right now seems to be on it being Star Fox related, which means I won’t care about it. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to see that though! They could do some good by that series like they have Metroid and DKC in the past. Of course, a new IP would be FAR more impressive and may actually give me a bit of faith in Nintendo for the future. If any company can do it, it’s Retro.

Of course, it’ll probably just be Wii Music 2. :trollface:


Last year, we got to see The Unfinished Swan makes its first appearance at Sony’s E3 after party. And at the PS4 reveal, we got to see some of The Witness in action. Sony is focused on developers, and the indie market is steadily shifting in their favor. With neat games like Tiny Brains being announced for PS4, and Sony’s own Japan Studio working on awesome looking games like Rain (show more of that, please), I would be surprised not to see some awesome news on indies for that console, PC, and more. Indie gaming is becoming ever-more important to gaming. And this E3 is the time for it to be noticed more. I’m really excited for more information about Doki Doki Universe! It looks really unique and definitely something that would be fitting along with the other unique indie games on PSN right now.

10 – The Last Guardian

😦 He Just Wants To Play With Us…

Speaking of Sony’s Japan Studio…

“We’re still working on it”. Ok. Time to show us that. I smell a potential bombshell PS4 launch game. Hopefully, they’ve been MIA because they’ve completely reworked the game to look better on next gen consoles.

There is no doubt this one is pretty high on everyone’s list. Team Ico is a cherished company that brings us unique, breathtaking experiences. I can’t think of anyone BETTER to show off the next generation than them.

11 – Knack

Cerny has had his hand in like… every great 3d platformer on the Playstation since it started. So Knack is probably going to be awesome. I was already excited by the art style and concept when they revealed it at the PS4 showcase. And now I want to see this game in action. Has a lot of potential to be a nod to PS1/PS2 era 3d platformers from Sony’s past.

Plus, the character is adorbes.

12 – Legacy of Kain Returns

Just… Keep Raziel Looking Like This…

Here’s a bit of trivia: You know Denis Dyack, the very disliked Eternal Darkness guy? Well… did you know he created the Legacy of Kain series back in the day? Yes, it started with Silicon Knights before it was passed on to Crystal Dynamics. Here is another bit of trivia: Do you know who Amy Hennig is? You should, she’s one of the lead designers for the Uncharted series. She also directed Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. One more for you: Do you know who Cory Barlog is? He directed God Of War 2, and has since been hired to Crystal Dynamics. He worked a bit on Tomb Raider, and is apparently working on an as-yet-unannounced project. The rumors are heavy on this being Legacy of Kain related. Imagine Legacy of Kain from a God Of War director’s perspective? Could be amazing…

There’s quite a pedigree behind this series. And then it just VANISHED. But, rumors keep popping up of a return to Nosgoth. A reboot of Soul Reaver? A sequel title in the universe? Who knows what Crystal Dynamics has planned for this franchise in the future. Let’s hope we find out sooner than later.


More On These Games

There are a lot of games coming out soon or that have been announced I’d like to see a little more on at E3. Here is just a small list of other titles I’m excited to see more about.

  • Puppeteer
  • Watch_Dogs
  • Rayman Legends
  • Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
  • Beyond: Two Souls
  • Infamous: Second Son
  • Pokemon X/Y
  • Quantum Break
  • The Evil Within
  • Thief
  • Yarn Yoshi


So yeah… that’s a lot of things. I know some of this is wishful thinking but… you know. That’s what E3 is about. Disappointment after hype and dreams.

Here’s to hoping E3 can pull off some surprises and give me a few things to look forward to. It’s a big transition year. Bring on the future!


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